Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Making Clothes

Every now and then, I get to take a break from the normal hemming of pants and replacing zippers and I get to do something fun. I get to make clothing for two of my favorite customers, Ashby and Lexie. Here are some items that I made for them today.

This pink top for Lexie, that goes with some dot pants that I made for her the other day.

I also made these 2 pair of ruffle pants for Ashby and monogrammed tops to match.

I hope they like them!!


Michelle said...

OMG!! How ADORABLE! You need to make some of those and put them in my store.. SERIOUSLY..

Our Place said...

These are so cute Dee. I am going to make some dog clothes if I ever find the time and energy :)

Leigh said...

ADORABLE!! CUTE AS CAN BE!!! I didn't know you did this (made clothes)! Bu tI should've guessed it.