Tuesday, February 5, 2008

I lost weight!

We weighed in tonight and I lost 4 pounds which was exactly how much I was supposed to lose. We are to lose 2 pounds per week to maintain a healthy weight lose rate. I was hoping to lose a little more than that, but I can live with 4 pounds :)

I celebrated with a Zaxby's grilled house salad - YUMMY! My fav from Zaxby's.


HEWY said...

Awesome! Keep it up!

Michelle said...

WOOHOOOO DEEDRA!!!!!! I think I FOUND those pounds!! HAHA I have been under alot of stress lately.I have been eating like there is no tomorrow..THIS HAS TO STOP!!! I am so happy for you..The salads from Zaxby's are sooo good! I think it is the little fried onions in them that make them so good? I dunno, but now I want to have a Zaxby's salad now.. haha

Leigh said...

CONGRATULATIONS!! That is awesome!! I am Soooooo oproud of you! I know you can, I know you can, I know you can! Fabulous!

SillyMissyMoo said...

Good job Dee!! I am proud of you. I know you will be a skinny little thing this summer.

I love you.