Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Vegas Day 2

Monday morning we got up and ate breakfast at McDonald's there in the hotel. We met up with the group and went walking over to Mandalay Bay to check out their shops and restaurants. We ended up eating lunch at The Burger Bar . Adam and I split the chicken sandwich and an order of skinny fries. It's a good thing we split it because it was HUGE. and delicious!!

After lunch, we decided to go try our luck at the slot machines. We quickly found out that our luck was BAD. I did discover the 1 and 2 cent slots. You can play for at least an hour on the penny slots with a 20. After slots, we went back to the room to rest for a while and met up again with our group at 3 to head to happy hour at Diablo's Cantina. Then we made our way over to the MGM to hop on the Monerail. We each bought a one day pass and headed down to the last station, The Sahara. We walked through the Sahara then crossed the street to the Stratosphere. We went up to the top, to the lounge, got a table and had a round of Martini's and watched the sunset. (this was one of my favorite parts of the trip).

After the sunset, we took a cab over to the Fremont area to see the Fremont Street Experience . This is the older, original Vegas that I didn't even know existed. The main street is covered with the biggest big screen on the planet that has thousands of LED lights. We actually saw the Freebird Experience which was an awesome light show about all flying things...awesome!

And OF COURSE, ELVIS was there!!!

We started heading back to our hotel via a cab ride back to the Sahara, Monerail ride to MGM, then the 1/2 mile hike back to the Luxor. No one had to rock us to sleep!! Day 2 complete!!


Leigh said...

Those are great pictures. And glad to know Elvis is till rocking. And I loved the line "crossed the street to the Stratosphere."

I know it is a site, but thought it sounded cool to say too.

Sorry I wasnt home today when you came by. I would've loved to have seen you. Hope the houses look good in the spot you chose.

I am waiting for your site so I can shop....

Charnita's Xpressions said...

Love the photos.
The Martinis look oh, so good.
Got my book and cute bookmark!