Friday, June 13, 2008

Vegas Day 3

Well, day 3 started off a little slow since we had a late night. We got up, ate breakfast and the girls headed out to the pool for a while. I took this picture from my seat by the pool. I didn't take any of us by the pool, I wouldn't want to blind anyone or do any permanent damage!! After lunch, we headed down to the Venetian to go on the Gondola ride. There is an inside ride and an outside ride and we chose the inside because it was HOT outside. Adam and I rode with Jane and Dean and our driver serenaded us throughout the ride.
We returned to the Luxor after the ride and got ready for our 2nd show, Zumanity. Zumanity is another Cirque de Solea show, more on the sensual side and is performed at New York New York. It was amazing also and we had 2nd row seats for it. I wanted to bring one of the guys in the show home with me, but I don't think Adam would have approved :)

It was another amazing, yet tiring day. We walked and walked for miles each day. Day 4 to come later...


HEWY said...

You are living my dream. I want to do exactly what you did when i visit!

Leigh said...

WOw! I love the gondola ride! Pretty!~
And another Cirque show? So jealous. How are you getting these great tickets? WOW!