Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Roger Shultz in Helena Today!

As I walked into Amy's 4th grade class today for their end of the year party, there stands Roger Shultz! Roger was on this past season of The Biggest Loser and came in 2nd place. I absolutely loved him on the show and have been highly motivated by his success. He has lost 165 pounds since he started the show! He was working this week with one of the dad's from our class and came in today to talk to the kids in Mrs. Landrum's class. He autographed all of their memory books and let the kids ask questions. I, of course was snapping pictures of him and did ask him if he still wears his BodyBugg. He said that yes, he wears it all the time and that it has been very instrumental in him loosing the weight. I think he is actually set up to sell them now so if anyone is looking to buy one I know he would appreciate you buying it from his because he is presently unemployed. I got someone to take my picture with him and wouldn't you know it, my camera battery died...the story of my life. Another mom took it with her camera and is supposed to email it to me. I am sure that he thought I was some crazy fan because I just kept asking him stuff...oh well, he is my weight loss hero!

Pride on 3...Pride on 3


Leigh said...

Great pictures. I am glad that you got to meet him. He looks great!

Michelle said...

I think he looks SKINNY..lol Wait, I think that was the look he was trying to get..HAHA