Friday, May 23, 2008


I found this new site from my fran Leigh and decided to sign up and check it out. You can see how your blog rates and who has linked to your blog...interesting!

Technorati Profile


Leigh said...

Isn't that neat? Glad you thought so.

And I am SOooo glad you won the book from Charnita! Congrats!

Michelle said...

Hey! I have missed seeing you at the YMCA..I think I will be able to return in 2 weeks..I will be 4weeks post op by then..Im starting to feel a little STIR CRAZY because I miss working out!!! How has it been going?

Landrum Family said...

Hi Dee! I was checking out the "No Sleep in Helena Blog" and found you! Now I can spy on you guys. I am missing Amy already. How is your summer going so far? I love the pics of Amy & Abbey in the talent show. They were adorable! I had no idea you were a fellow blogger. :)

Leigh said...

Hey you are up to be featured on my blog tomorrow.