Saturday, April 5, 2008

Big Mountain Idol

Amy and I went out to watch the Big Mountain Idol contest last night at Big Mountain Coffee. The place was packed...don't tell the fire marshall. It was great to see some of my blogging friends (Leigh, Dusty, Michelle and Hewy was apparently there somewhere.)
It was incredibly hot and packed out with people but the performers did great, especially Michelle! (you go girl).

At first the voting was to be based on your purchase, you get a ballot per item purchased. However, when they realized that the purchasing line would NEVER accommodate all the people there, they just decided to pass out ballots. I recommend that they pass out one ballot per person as they enter the door. (JMO)

Overall, it was a fun evening out and it ended up being a free event for us, as we didn't have an opportunity to purchase any drinks.



Anonymous said...

it was HOT. And uncomfortable. But it is encouraging to see such a large and varied crowd show up! And it was grrrrreat to see you. Next time I'll bring a flask and we'll share LOL

Leigh said...

Hey, count me in on that one (LOL)