Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Finally, I am beginning to see some results from all this dieting and exercising. I think my body was just in a state of shock all this time thinking I surely wasn't going to stick to this regimen. I lost 6 pounds for this two week period. I won the massage from Helena BodySpa and am so excited about my visit there.

I warned the other contestants that I would lose the most weight for the next weigh in also. I feel like I am finally seeing some progress and and excited about keeping it up!


Our Place said...

Way to go Sis. Keep up the good work. I hope to start losing also...we will be a family of losers :)


gwoo said...

Way to go! I am glad someone from the Helena team is stepping up! I hope to be more competition for you next week - Keep up the good work - Gena

Leigh said...

I could tell you had lost weight when I saw you yesterday! Stick with it! Beleive in yourself!

Leigh said...

you'd BETTER do a poast. I have been stopping by expecting one. And I know your's will be good. YOu always have a good post....not true about complex sentence.
Gilr, all of my grammer and spelling (all I was taught) have fallen to way side. Now I just write/type as I talk-at least on my blog.
I will come back expecting a post! I loved your last field trip post on Moundsville-loved the pictures.

Anonymous said...

woooo....a massage! That's some good motivation.

HEWY said...

Keep it up. Don't let up!