Monday, April 7, 2008

A Crummy Weekend

My weekend was a little blurry, literally. Last week I started in with the pollen allergy issues that I get this time of year and by Friday it had escalated into a full blown allergy/sinus yucky yucks! I managed to make it to Big Mountain Idol but was really miserable through the whole event (but I really wanted to hear Michelle and of course she was next to last). Saturday morning I woke up, went to spinning class and came home, cleaned out some drawers and my closet trying to make myself believe that I wasn't really sick. It caught up with me big time Saturday evening. My eyes were continuously watering, I was sneezing, nose running, head foggy.... It felt like I needed to sneeze all the time. You know how it feels just before you sneeze? Eyes water up, nose burns, eyes and nose draw up??? That's how I felt Saturday and Sunday. I did have to go to church Sunday morning because I was in a play. I managed to get through that, then came back home and went to bed. I went to the Dr. today and he says it is a sinus infection, gave me 2 shots (I hope they don't make me gain any weight!) and I got some antibiotic and some allergy stuff. I do feel better now but need a longggggg nap.

Next weekend should be better though. Hubby and I are going to Philadelphia (Mississippi). We have never been there before but wanted to get in a little practice before we go to Vegas in June.

PRAYER REQUEST: My mom is having an artiriorgram tomorrow at Shelby Hospital. Please pray that the procedure will go well and they will find out what is wrong with her heart.


Leigh said...

Your mom is in my prayers!!
Glad you went to the doc and got some help. Get well, D!
You both deserve a trip away! Have fun!!!

HEWY said...

I hope everything went okay for your Mom!