Thursday, April 3, 2008

A fresh start

Well after going about a month with little to no weight loss, I am officially starting over. I have a renewed sense of urgency as far as this weight is concerned. All of the contestants in the Slim Down challenge seem to be stuck or having a plateau.

I have recommited to working out every day, NO MATTER WHAT. And eating healthy, NO MATTER WHAT. I have seen results with my clothes fitting differently but I don't think I am working hard enough. I took a spinning class Tuesday night, Wednesday morning and today. My body wants to lie down and take a nap so bad but I am refusing to let it.

I have to lose this weight. For myself and for my family. I really get discouraged sometimes when I don't see results but I am determined to keep going.



Our Place said...

I have faith in you sis. I too desire to get some weight off but it's so hard. I gained 4 pounds in the last 3 weeks. :(
Every time I think about losing weight...I gain it.

Our Place said...
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Leigh said...

And I want to be the biggest loser. Hey, I do not have a YMCA membership, but I do go and walk the track. Can I meet you there sometime or Joe Tucker and we can do a couple miles? I have been doing 2 at home on my treadmill. I am doing it everyday. I have to do something too. It is so depressing. See my "fat and happy" post today. so sad....Lets do it together and motivate and hold one another accountable.