Saturday, January 12, 2008

I Got Picked!!!

Oh My Gosh!!! I have been chosen to be in the Helena Slim Down Challenge! I just found out today and I am thrilled. The Helena Slim Down Challenge is based on The Biggest Loser concept. 6 contestants from Helena and 6 from Pelham are chosen to be in a weight loss contest. The winners in the past have won a cruise in addition to about 40 plus pounds! I applied for the contest 2 years ago, the first year of the contest. I was chosen as an alternate but didn't have any success because there was no one on one training and I just cant loss this weight without some major training and education. Anyhow, I reapplied this year and have been chosen as a contestant.
I plan on plotting my progress on my blog and hopefully can be an inspiration to others who are trying to loss weight. We have our first meeting in a week or so and I will keep you all updated...Wish me luck!!


Leigh said...

That is so cool. I wish I had applied. I hope to lose the weith with you and will be lookin gfor your post on it. Congratulations. Call me and we can even walk together!

Deedra said...

I will certainly call you! I need all the support and buddies that I can find to do this with me. We meet on the 22nd and officially start on February 1st so I will keep you posted.

Leigh said...

Also, I forgot to mention, I love the whole new look of the blog. Nice!

HEWY said...

That is sooo Awesome. It will be fun tracking how you do!!!

Michelle said...

I am excited for you Deedra! Please feel free to call me whenever you need some support..You will do GREAT!